Cryptocurrency for Social Good

Provide Low-Cost Heat

Reclaim Waste Energy

Create Full-Time Jobs

Support Local Agriculture

Cryptocurrency Mining

What is Cryptoponics?

Cryptoponics is a social-good ecosystem built around cryptocurrency mining.  Within the local community, our goal is to reduce energy consumption, create full-time jobs, reduce the cost of living and conducting business, and improve the overall standard of living.

The cryptocurrency world is new and exciting, but also risky and unregulated.  Cryptoponics is leveraging our knowledge of this market and its inefficiencies to generate revenue, while mitigating risk through non-cryptocurrency diversification efforts.

Server farms and cryptocurrency mines are highly inefficient and wasteful. At Cryptoponics, we hope to change that by building smarter systems.

We know that huge numbers of good jobs in manufacturing and industry have disappeared from many communities. While we cannot replace all of those jobs, the businesses that are created will need to be staffed by residents. This means full-time work for eager locals.

What We Do

Current projects

Heat for Residents & Businesses

The costs of heating often impact an area's economic competitiveness. Cryptoponics provides low-cost heat in commercial and residential settings in order to reduce the burden to local businesses and residents.

Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptoponics actively mines cryptocurrency, and uses it to support projects that improve the livability of local communities.

Sustainable Local Agriculture

Many U.S. communities live in what are known as "food deserts". Cryptoponics engages in efforts to provide fresh, local fish and organic produce that rural or impoverished communities might not otherwise have access to.

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